Michele Pasotti

La Fonte Musica

“la fonte musica has a force that echoes that of the pioneer interpreters of medieval music” (Diapason, 2018)

“an absolutely perfect production […] only in this way it is possible to have an authentic dialogue with this extraordinary moment in the music of the Middle Ages” (Pizzicato)

“an absolute mastery of all aspects of these repertoires […] a phenomenal research on medieval sources, on the theory and musical languages of the time” (Diapason, 2017)


March 1st 2024

La sera del combattimento


at 20.00

Espacio Turina


March 9th 2024

Johannes Ciconia and the rise of European music


at 19.00

Boulez Saal


March 28th 2024

Il combattimento


at 20.00

De Bijloke, Concertzaal